Submitted Papers:

[1] Pengbo Si, F. Richard Yu, Yanhua Zhang, Joint Cloud and Radio Resource Management for Video Transmissions in Mobile Cloud Computing Networks, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, July 2013.

Under-Preparation Papers:

[3] 冉祥胤, 司鹏搏, 张延华,认知无线电双寡头网络中的频谱分配和定价博弈研究, since Mar. 2013.
[2] Huiqi Wang, Pengbo Si, Yanhua Zhang, Cognitive Radio Resource Management with Cloud Computing, since Feb. 2013.
[1] 刘佳, 司鹏搏, 张延华, 小蜂窝云认知无线电网络动态频谱管理机制, 自2012年7月.

Under-Preparation Patents:

[2] 司鹏搏, 张晓初, QoS- and Security-Aware Dynamic Spectrum Management for Cyber-Physical Surveillance System, since June 2013.
[1] 司鹏搏, 张倩, 冉祥胤, 认知无线电双寡头网络中的频谱分配和定价博弈研究, since June 2013.